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Property appraisal, analysis, consulting

Property appraisal, analysis, consulting

Our company holds substantial experience and professionally exercises the whole range of services involving real estate appraisal, property rights and business appraisal within Ukraine. There isn’t any buy/sell, credit, insurance, succession, property disputes or taxation transactions that doesn’t involve appraisal.

We provide our customers with a complex of appraisal services:

  • Consulting on the current value of different types of realty objects with subsequent execution of necessary documents;
  • Full appraising of current object;
  • Consulting about the practicality of conducting an operation with the current realty object.

Appraisal services are provided in concordance with the Law of Ukraine № 2658-III “About the appraisal of property, property rights and professional valuation activities in Ukraine”, other legislative instruments and include independent realty appraisal and execution of the set of documents, which meets the requirements of national and international standards.

Our company provides valuation activities in following areas:

  • Real estate appraisal, including land property appraisal;
  • Appraisal of cars, equipment and selective number of vehicles;
  • Aircrafts appraisal;
  • Ships appraisal;
  • Appraisal of   integral property complexes, shares (including land shares), securities, property rights and intangible assets (except the appraisal of rights to intellectual property objects);

The process of real estate appraisal is considerably complex and labour intensive. It consists of several           stages:

  • Preliminary examination of real estate object;
  • Gathering and analyzing of information about current object;
  • Complex object appraisal by different criteria;
  • Summation of total appraisal results.

All of this allows forming maximally accurate and objective appraisal of market, consumer, investment or insurance value of any real estate object. All of appraisal types are performed by highly knowledgeable employees, who have personal certification of expert-appraisers.

To place an order for appraisal or to get a consultation, fill in a form or call us.  

+38 050 313 96 70.

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Офисный центр в Ровно

Продается офисный центр в г. Ровно. Центр города. Фасад. 7 этажей. Общая площадь 2372 кв. м. Своя котельная, 2 лифта, парковка.
Контактный телефон: (067)801 3616

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Свои предложения можете направлять на электронную почту с детальным описанием.

Контактный телефон: (067)801 3616

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