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Business-Navigatoris active in the sphere of commercial property, land property and ready-made business within Ukraine. Our rep offices are located in many of administrative centers. Accumulating the positive experience, we have assumed the responcibilities of informational participation in different programs in the sphere of commercial property, ready-made business and different types of appraisal.

Real-estate market — is a base for investments in Ukraine, and it is a certain part of it.

Real estate property is that unique tool, which provides significant risks and losses reduction in any business sphere.Creating this project, we’ve been setting a goal to connect businessmen with each other, to assist them forge relationship to continue cooperation.

“Business-navigator” provides efficiency, informativity, comprehensive approach to problem solving and progressive ideas in business spheres like:

We gforge agead and constantly improve not only the ways of working, but ourselfs too, that allows us to keep competitive advantage and high quality level in the sphere ofreal estate property and ready-made business operations.

Our goal - is to help our customers solve their problems and to establish long term partnership with them.

“Business-navigator” offers cooperation in the sphere of commercial property, land property and buying/selling of ready-made business within Ukraine. If you are ready to work in that sphere we will assist you.

For detailed information you can call the following numbers +38-050-313-96-70, +38-067-801-36-16 or email us to:

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Офисный центр в Ровно

Продается офисный центр в г. Ровно. Центр города. Фасад. 7 этажей. Общая площадь 2372 кв. м. Своя котельная, 2 лифта, парковка.
Контактный телефон: (067)801 3616

Гостиница в Киеве

Требования: нежилой фонд, 1 этаж, площадь от 35 до 55 кв.м., фасад, расположение на "красной линии" улицы, расположение в зоне интенсивного пешеходного потока.
Свои предложения можете направлять на электронную почту с детальным описанием.

Контактный телефон: (067)801 3616

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Chernigov (445)
Chernovtsy (82)
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Dnepropetrovsk (1382)
Donetsk (2336)
Ivano-Frankovsk (106)
Kharkov (955)
Kherson (342)
Khmelnitsky (141)
Kiev (2209)
Kirovograd (137)
Lugansk (351)
Lvov (234)
Nikolaev (302)
Odessa (1395)
Poltava (526)
Rovno (182)
Sumy (174)
Ternopol (64)
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Volyn (184)
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Zaporozh‘e (562)
Zhitomir (379)
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