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At our site you can place your banners and advertisements.

Paid-for text advertisements.

The advantage of paid-for text advertisements is in that they are placed on homepage of our portal and the visitors, who get in there, see your information without making any effort.

Paid-for text advertisement is placed in «Sale, rent, interesting offers» category with a full description and a picture of an object. In the text of advertisement you specify your contact detail thus getting a possibility to speak directly to your customers.

In “Special offers” category the advertisements are placed with a full description and a picture of an object. You have the possibility of referring to web page or a website, which can be connected with your advertisement about property.

We can provide an individual web page with a detailed object description (up to 10 pictures, draft and so on). You can develop it by yourself or you can use of services of our employees.

Also, as a bonus for placing your information in categories «Sale, rent, interesting offers» и «Special offers» we’ll mail your advertisements to other theme web sites (we’ll provide the list of them), and this gives you better chances to find a potential customer for your property for a nominal price that you paid for placing an advertisement.

Requirements for text advertisements:
1. Detailed object description.
2. Object location.
3. Object cost.
4. Contact detail.
5. Object picture.

Banner advertising

Banner advertising is a placement of ads block (banner) on the website. One click of a mouse on it leads the user to the site of advertiser. Banner advertising – is the most effective and inexpensive among other types of Internet advertising. You can immediately figure the effectiveness of Banner advertising: due to professionally made banner, with a plot which is interesting for the targeted audience. Your company’s site traffic will rise hundreds and thousand times. Banner advertising is excellent information advertising and branding. It is this form of advertising which may be recommended, as for new firms on the market, so and to well-known and widely promoted companies, which want to forward new projects.

The quantity of banners and text advertisements is strictly limited, which allows to draw maximum attention to your advertisement and to increase its effectiveness. Your advertisement will be seen exactly by the people, for whom it was designed.

We are ready to exchange banners. We’ll consider every offer.

Site statistics.

Banner variants:

1. 730х90 pixels.
2. 468х60 pixels.
3. 200х200 pixels.
4. 200х100 pixels.
Место для Вашей рекламы

Requirements for banners

Format: .jpg, .gif, .png, .swf. For banners made in Flash, the link has to be opened in a new window.
Size: 1- variant – up to 40 Kb, 2 and 3- variants – up to - 30 Kb, 1- variant – up to 20 Kb.

Send ready banners and text advertisements to our e-mail:
specifying the next subject: “Advertising campaign order”.

Also, we are ready to assist you in making banners.


Placement price list.

Payment shall be made to operating account, purpose of payment — provision of services.

Advertising information is displayed on the site after the incoming payment on current account.
After the payment, customer forwards confirmation of payment to our email or sends it by fax,

Within 24 hours your advertising information will be placed on our site.

For detailed information about placing advertising information and banners you can call the following numbers +38-050-313-96-70, +38-067-801-36-16 or email us to:

We reserve the right to not place the banners and text advertisements, which are executed in discrepancy to our site theme.

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Special Offers

Офисный центр в Ровно

Продается офисный центр в г. Ровно. Центр города. Фасад. 7 этажей. Общая площадь 2372 кв. м. Своя котельная, 2 лифта, парковка.
Контактный телефон: (067)801 3616

Гостиница в Киеве

Требования: нежилой фонд, 1 этаж, площадь от 35 до 55 кв.м., фасад, расположение на "красной линии" улицы, расположение в зоне интенсивного пешеходного потока.
Свои предложения можете направлять на электронную почту с детальным описанием.

Контактный телефон: (067)801 3616

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Advertisements by regions:

Cherkassy (238)
Chernigov (445)
Chernovtsy (82)
Crimea (427)
Dnepropetrovsk (1382)
Donetsk (2336)
Ivano-Frankovsk (106)
Kharkov (955)
Kherson (342)
Khmelnitsky (141)
Kiev (2209)
Kirovograd (137)
Lugansk (351)
Lvov (234)
Nikolaev (302)
Odessa (1395)
Poltava (526)
Rovno (182)
Sumy (174)
Ternopol (64)
Vinnitsa (0)
Volyn (184)
Zakarpat‘e (194)
Zaporozh‘e (562)
Zhitomir (379)
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