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For Banks

For banks“Business-navigator” has a vast experience in purchase, sale and rent of commercial property, land property and ready-made business. Our company cooperates with as Ukrainian banks so and with banks that have foreign capital. The quality of our work can be confirmed by the letter of reference from our customers.

We want to offer you our “Affiliate program” in sale of collateralized property of commercial purpose which your bank holds. Our employees will lead an advertizing campaign of realization of pledged property, that is marketed by your bank, and will find potential customers for it.

We offer you cooperation in appraisal of movable and real property, land property and ready-made business. A confident knowledge of approaches, methods and principles of commercial property and market value appraisal, thoroughly confirmed by practical experience, allows our experts to consult their customers in professional way on different aspects of valuation activities and on the questions associated with the appraisal of company’s real property and other assets. Our experts will accomplish the appraisal of movable and real property, land property and ready-made business in a very short term. Due to practical implementation of information technology, geographic position of firm or company of a partner has no matter for effective cooperation.

If you have your performative – we are waiting for counter-motion from you.

Also on our business-portal there is a category named "Collaterized property". Placing of objects is on a paying basis.

Conditions of placement of paid-for advertisements:
You mail us to with a subject: «Collaterized property». Our manager will contact the responsible person, specified by you, and will define more exactly, for how long you plan to place the objects on our portal and information actuality. After that your information will be displayed on our portal in the category of “
Collaterized property.

Paid-for advertisements requirements:
1. Detailed object description   .
2. Object location.
3. Object cost.
4. Contact details.
5. Object picture.

Placement cost:


Payment shall be made to operating account, purpose of payment - provision of services. 
After the payment is done, your information will appear on the homepage of our informative business-portal in the category “
Collaterized property.

We are sure, the placement of information on our portal will become an effective tool, which will allow to inject liquidity of your pledged property.

For detailed information you can call the following numbers +38-050-313-96-70, +38-067-801-36-16 or email us to:

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Special Offers

Офисный центр в Ровно

Продается офисный центр в г. Ровно. Центр города. Фасад. 7 этажей. Общая площадь 2372 кв. м. Своя котельная, 2 лифта, парковка.
Контактный телефон: (067)801 3616

Гостиница в Киеве

Требования: нежилой фонд, 1 этаж, площадь от 35 до 55 кв.м., фасад, расположение на "красной линии" улицы, расположение в зоне интенсивного пешеходного потока.
Свои предложения можете направлять на электронную почту с детальным описанием.

Контактный телефон: (067)801 3616

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Kharkov (955)
Kherson (342)
Khmelnitsky (141)
Kiev (2209)
Kirovograd (137)
Lugansk (351)
Lvov (234)
Nikolaev (302)
Odessa (1395)
Poltava (526)
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Sumy (174)
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